Top 50 Hair Gallery

  • Top 50 Short Styles.Short hairstyles

    short styles are super-in right now, so of course they’d be on the top 50 hairstyles list. If you want to have one of the most popular hairstyles that doesn’t go past your ears, this is the section for you. Your monthly favorites from our Short categories as voted by our visitors.

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  • Medium hairstylesMedium hairstyles

    if you’re in between hair lengths, or just like it when your do has a middle ground, these are the most popular medium-length hairstyles, just for you. Just because it’s middle-length doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything but the best.

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  • Top 50 Long Hairstyles.Long hairstyles

    For those of us who like to rock the long length of haircut, we have the top long styles. Fashion may change, but the love of beautiful, long hair never does. You grew it out, now show it off with the best, most popular styles out there!

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  • Men's Top 50 Cuts.Mens hairstyles

    Fashion is ever changing for guys too, and we have not forgotten that. So, if you want one of the most fashionable haircuts for men, they’re available in this list right here. Men like to be in the top 50 too, after all, who doesn’t?

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Top 50 styles. Voted for by Visitors.



Your Favorite Styles In a Chart.


If you want to keep up with all the most recent hair trends, look no further than here. Your wishes have been granted. With this list, you can always find the top 50 most beautiful, most well-loved, and most frequently-worn hairstyles around. From pixie cuts to fringe bangs, and everything in between, this will keep you up to date with every single hair trend out there. Whether it’s right off the runway or off the red carpet, you will always be able to find the ideal popular haircut.

Trend Setters.

Be a trend setter, or simply go with the flow, the choice is completely yours to make. Pair the most popular hairstyle with the most well-loved length, the most beautiful bangs with whatever’s hot right now. With 50 styles to choose from, you know for a fact that you can find something that looks good on you, and you already know people will like it, which is exactly why it’s in the top 50. Remember to check back frequently and explore all the categories; fashion is forever changing and your job is to keep up to date. Our job is to give you the top 50 options available for your hairstyle needs. Look your best – top 50 best! If you know what everyone likes you can get an indication of the latest trends and fashions because that’s basically the definition of fashion.

When you navigate in to the inner pages of the site, the large picture pages have a vote for this style button. By clicking this button a vote has been cast for the style on that page, a record is kept of the running total for the month and the top 12 are shown on these pages for each section short. medium, long and men’s (OK it’s 48 really but 50 rolls off the tongue better don’t you think). The data refreshes every month so the results are bang up to date. Thank you for voting it’s only due to the voting that we can keep a finger on the preferences of millions of visitors from around the world.