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Bangs (fringe) for medium hair.

Pictures of shoulder length hairstyles with bangs, including side-swept bangs and other fringe styles.

Bobs, layered and parted haircuts

Classic bobs to longer length bobs, plus the latest layered medium hairstyles trends.

Curly, wavy and permed styles

View pictures of medium hairstyles that are sophisticated, fun or natural haircut styles for every day.

Prom, wedding, formal and updos

Find the perfect updo for your prom or wedding. View our formal hairstyles for medium length hair.

What’s Hot in the world of medium length hairstyles? Looking around the hottest trend in medium hair right now on the Red Carpet and Paris runways is what can be called uber short hair, uber is German and means over or hyper so medium really. Medium is generally seen as transitional, somewhere in between long and short but we think its underestimated, short hair can be a little unfeminine whereas long hair is very feminine but can be a pain so whats the answer? You guessed it, medium. Medium hairstyles have all the face framing effect of long but without so much of the hassle. We think shoulder length is getting a little long for Medium and jawline a bit short but anything in between is fine. Maybe you have been thinking of this transition yourself, but love your long hair and aren't quite committed to the pixie dust yet. That's okay! The best way to decide if shorter hair is for you is by starting with a medium length haircut first. A medium length cut that veers towards the shorter styles that appeal to you is the best way to determine if short hair is for you. In essence, a medium length cut will never fall short for you!

Medium length, or shoulder length hairstyles fall between the ear lobe and all the way down to the base of the neck. Here we showcase popular medium haircut styles in different easy-to-view categories and pictures. The first example here is a lovely blonde soft hairstyle, next is a bob with red streaks then a wet look curly style and last a red head updo with blonde tinted bangs. The main categories include: Bangs for medium length hair, Shoulder length hairstyles for curly hair; Medium length bobs; Prom and Wedding hairstyles. The medium bob hairstyle is very versatile, and the haircuts showcased in this section are all based on the classic bob shape but modified and modernized with different cutting techniques such as layers and thinned ends. 1001-Hairstyles is a leading resource for hairstyle pictures, styling tips and information on the latest trends. Our unique collection of medium hairstyle pictures provides our visitors new haircut ideas, celebrity hair fashion, styling tips, and even the option to vote for their favorite hairstyles. Our Virtual Makeover Tool is free to use for those who want to try out new haircut and color before they visit their hairdresser.

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