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Professionally styled hair for proms in a wide variety of different styles, see you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

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Medium length hair offers unique styling options. With innovation and volume, these prom hairstyles are beautiful and stand out.

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Medium hair with bangs set in unique and easy styles for everyday wear or for that special occasion such as a prom.

If you are looking for a beautiful, stunning, medium hairstyle for the prom, wedding or other extremely special occasion, then you are encouraged to check out these hairstyles. These professionally crafted hairstyles are set in a variety of ways, ideal for any woman with medium length hair. You can easily achieve these looks or have a professional help you, as medium length hair is probably the ideal length to achieve any look. You can put it up as high as you like, take it down, change the part, tease it, anything you can imagine to achieve that stunning, show stopping look. You can easily soften the front and spike the back or vice versa, with your only limitation being your imagination.

You can easily achieve soft, regal hairstyles for medium rare for the prom or other special occasion, or spike up with a hairstyle that provides movement, volume and balance. These hairstyles are also available with a variety of bang lengths and layers to achieve any look. Put a new take on a French twist, braid the bangs tightly against your forehead and around, muss up the back, spike up the front, whatever you want. Each of these looks is designed for you to take advantage of as they are, or use your imagination and combine them to create that perfect, sexy and beautiful hairstyle for the prom or any other special occasion. These looks are not only beautiful, but on trend, so you are sure to be fashionable and stylish.