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Bangs (fringe) for short hair

Find a large variety of short hairstyles with bangs in this section, including side-swept bangs and other fringe styles.

Bobs, layered and parted haircuts

Bobs (pixie hairstyles) and layered looks for short hair. View the latest short hairstyles trends.


Curly, wavy and permed styles

Short curly or wavy hair can be very easy to maintain if you apply the right hair products. 

Prom, wedding, formal and updos

Difficult to find a suitable hairstyle for your short hairstyles to go to a prom? Look no further.

In terms of high fashion the popularity of short hairstyles waxes and wanes like any other trend. Hollywood stars and catwalk models are the main driving force behind this because they are constantly in the public eye and in today's online world photos can be taken and distributed to be viewable, in theory, to literally the entire world in a matter of seconds. So unlike the 80's say when it took months for television and supply lines to propagate fashions or the 1920's before television when it took years or even prior to that when fashions didn't make it out of the immediate geographical area at all in the digital age we'll find Kim Kardashian walks down a red carpet and the wheels of industry kick in and fashion houses have the ability to incorporate that look into there plans within the hour. Short hairstyles can be imitated just as quickly, even quicker if the local salon is open and quiet enough to fit you in. Brokeback mountain and My Week with Marilyn star Michelle Williams has sported her short pixie for a number of years only changing it relatively slightly whereas Les Miserables and Love and Other Drugs star Anne Hathaway has recently cut her up until now longer hair down to a short crop and Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson chopped hers down as soon as she left the roll of Hermione in the wizard blockbuster.   The picture featured in the Bangs section is a retro look that drops below the eyes, but this style may not be for everyone. The Bobs section is headed by a nice, neat blonde haircut. The curly hair picture in the Curly, Wavy section could also be considered a Bob style. Finally, the prom and wedding updo style is sleek with a parting at the front and pushed up at the back. With the help of 1001-Hairstyles, you can make any short hairstyle your own, and perhaps start a new trend! Whether you want to go to a pixie haircut, layered or fringed style, you can choose a look that is both bold and feminine. Browse our galleries to find the best short hairstyles for you. Don’t forget to upload your photo and try our virtual makeover tool!
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