Prom Ideas for Long hair

18 Nov 2015

  • bob_long

    For women with long hair, this gallery is specifically for you. With spectacular pictures of women with long hair that have been styled for their prom night. Prom is one of the most important social nights of any young woman’s life. She needs the perfect hairstyle to go with her amazing dress. These soft and beautiful hairstyles are available for a variety of hair types, utilizing long hair’s natural volume and movement to create these beautiful, soft and sexy styles for every young lady on prom night.

    Dark Prom StyleBlonde UpdoSide Bun






    Each of these photos is specifically designed to provide you with inspiration and unique ideas to achieve these looks for yourself. Or you can take them to your hairdresser to discover the perfect look for that once-in-a-lifetime prom. Regardless of your long hairstyle, you will be able to discover photos of women with things, beautiful layering, spiking, movement, balance and volume, so you can create the ideal look for your prom night. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair or any other type, you can utilize your long hair to create incredible volume, height and much more, for the most stunning hairstyle for your prom. Rediscover the beehive, French twist, curls and more, with these unique ideas and your imagination to achieve that look that you will remember forever for your big night.

    Bride with an UpdoElaborate Updo.Wispy Curls

    Regardless of whether you want to look soft, sweet and feminine or you want a racier, sexy and rock ‘n roll look, bobs are the perfect way to do it. They offer extensive options for length all around the head, with longer hair giving way to wisps, flowing and flirty, or more rigid and structured. Depending on how the hair is cut, you can create extensive volume and movement, without sacrificing style. Even if your hair is naturally thin, you can layer it to increase the volume and body to achieve the look you want. Here you will be able to discover professionally cut bobs that may take a bit of time and practice to achieve on your own, but are truly worth it. Bobs are always stylish and beautiful and with the right styling products, a bit of experimentation and time, you will be able to achieve these looks as well as any other look that you want with your short hair. From fun and flirty to professional and businesslike, bobs are one of the most flexible and exciting hairstyles available for any woman, because they are truly extraordinary in their styling options versus any other length. Bobs will always be in style, so have fun and experiment to discover that perfect look for any occasion.


    These are soft, casual styles, for women with long hair, bangs and much more. These looks are also layered, to provide you with movement and volume that otherwise long hair does not generally have. Although long hair is a little more difficult to take care of, you can easily achieve any look with a bit of time and patience. Bangs are extremely popular right now, and you can achieve any one of these looks.

    Long hair is also fun and exciting, because you can easily create the very trendy “just got out of bed” look, which so many celebrities and big name designers are sporting these days. Depending on your personal taste, your bangs can create a super sexy look. Hiding your eyes and adding a look of mystery, or shorter to make it more feminine, soft and sweet. Longer hair provides extra opportunities for height, volume and movement, regardless of the particular style you are looking for. You can easily bump up the back and use your long hair to frame your face and elongate your neck. Add accessories for a night on the town or a day at the office. Long hair can achieve any look you want.

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