Virtual Makeover

Virtual Hairstyle Makeover.

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See which design goes with your face shape, complexion or just plain suits by trying our free makeover utility. Simply take a quick photograph of yourself, preferably hair tied or clipped behind your head or even wetted and smoothed back and for best results stand against a light background. Then upload the resulting picture or choose one of our models, apply thousands of ideas for a new makeover or color from our extensive collection of many hundreds of styles and color combinations, you’ll be able to stretch, shrink, flip, rotate, or change its color. Almost anything to suit your picture. Take a copy to the stylist.

The virtual makeover tool enables you to flick through many different kinds of finished product on many different kinds of faces, both female and male, plenty of options to choose from. With our carefully assorted collection of styles and faces.

The suggestions come in four different categories: short, medium, long, and men’s. Short will not reach past her chin, while medium grows down to collarbone length, and long is anywhere below. Men’s section is not categorized but contains eighty examples for experimental purposes. Males tend towards shorter options. Once you choose the length, you get the option to choose between curly or straight. If you’re looking for waves, these are classed in curly.

The models differ too, the options initially are male and female. Each of the two sexes has almost a dozen models to choose from. Pick someone based on facial type: oval, square, long, heart-shaped, and round etc. Ethnicity is also available, find a range of skin colors to match your own tone.

Combining fields like facial type, ethnicity, and age, you should find a model that resembles you. Once you’ve picked a model. texture and length, get into specifics. View the face or style only by clicking the appropriate buttons above. Use the zoom button if there’s a mismatch. See the style from another angle, use the flip button, if you make any mistakes, there always the reset buttons.

Finally, sliders are right of the main picture. Pick the color you prefer Use the color depth slider to enhance the color, the brightness and contrast sliders adjusts the respective variables.

More help with the hairstyle makeover? Watch the demo for a visual explanation.