Virtual Makeover

Virtual Hairstyle Makeover.

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To see which style goes with your face shape, complexion or just plain suits you please try our free makeover utility. Simply take a picture of yourself, preferably with you hair tied or clipped behind you head or even wetted and smoothed back and for best results stand against a light background. Then upload the resulting picture of yourself or you could always choose one of our models and apply one of thousands of ideas for a new hairstyle or color from our extensive collection of many hundreds of styles and and color combinations, you will be able to stretch it or shrink it or flip it or rotate it or change its color. Almost anything to get it to fit your picture. Then you can take a copy of what you want to the stylist and get what you want.

With the virtual makeover tool, you are able to look through many different kinds of hairstyle on many different kinds of faces, both female and male, take it hairstyle you just might like enough to try out yourself. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. With our carefully assorted list of styles and faces, all you have to do is browse and click to have a look at the content.

The hairstyles come in in four different categories: short, medium, long, and men’s. Short will not come past her shoulders, while medium of the shoulder to collarbone length, and long hair will go anywhere past the collarbone. Men’s hair is a variety of haircut you would generally see on male models. None of their styles are particularly long. Once you have the length you’d like, you get the option to choose between curly or straight. If you’re looking for a wavy style, these can be found in curly, as they are closer to being curly hair than straight hair. Browse through the lengths and textures to pick one that you would like.
You can also browse through the kinds of models that you want. The options initially are male and female. Each of the two sexes has almost a dozen models to choose from. You can pick someone by facial type: oval, square, long, heart-shaped, and the like. You can also pick by ethnicity, we have a range of skin colors that you can pick from, so you’re sure to pick a color that matches your own tone.

There are also many age groups you can choose from. You can pick a younger looking model, or an older one. Their ages range quite a bit, so you are able to pick one that comes closest to your age, or at least the age that you look like. Combining facial type, ethnicity, and age, you should be able to get a model that looks quite a bit like yourself.
Once you’ve picked a model and a hairstyle and length, you get into the specifics. You can look at just a model or just a style anytime you like by clicking the buttons at the top. And if you find that one is too big for the other, there is a zoom button. Click on either the style or the model to choose to zoom in on or out on either of them. This way, if you can see the top of the model’s head above the hair, or any other issue you may have visually, it can be fixed with ease. Also, if you would like to see the style on another angle, all you have to do is flip it with the flip button which is also at the top. And if you make any mistakes, there are two different reset buttons.
Finally, on the right of the picture, there are sliders. Pick the color that you want to work with specifically, say red for instance. Then use the color depth slider to enhance the color, the brightness slider to specify how bright or dark on the pallet you want that color, the contrast color to make it stand out and see how much you like it to stand out, and rotation so that you can find the exact right angle to put the hairstyle on.
If you need any more help with the hairstyle makeover, feel free to watch the demo for a visual explanation.