Long Hair Gallery

  • Long with BangsBangs

    This length, like no other, can be clearly divided into those with bangs and those without. Lines can blur with short or medium as a fringe can merge into other elements but here the definition is sharper.

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  • Long BobsNo Bangs

    Quintessential flowing locks are the essence of appearing ladylike with elegance and poise. Explode onto any scene brandishing an aura that surpasses all feeble competition and waft across the room.

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  • Curly/WavyCurls and Waves.

    Use natural curls to their full advantage, flaunt the body of waves. Not for the faint hearted, probably the most troublesome combination of length and texture. Stunning results but be prepared for a fight.

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  • Prom and BridalFormal and Updos.

    Weddings, prom night and other formal events lend themselves to this length. Saunter into any event leaving mere mortals floundering in your wake with a tremendous creation or subtle flow.

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Long hairstyles for women

Many women pine for long, lustrous locks. It takes forever to grow, and once we achieve our goal there’s maintenance, management, and retaining both health and strength. There’s never a dull moment at this length.

Once it grows past our neckline it’s unchartered territory without an experienced guide unless you’re a veteran. Rewarding, yes. A breeze, certainly not. Let us be your champions, paving a path to perfection.

Never fear your next move, hold our hand, simply navigate the useful galleries, and hone in on a handful of candidates. We’ve options and lengths of all types but if you’ve clicked on this section, you’re looking for something to do with your flowing hair.

We have many articles, helpful hints, and galleries to help you decide, whether it’s about growth, keeping it looking its best, or keeping it healthy.

It grows in geological time so why squander that on neglect, and why would you want anything but the ideal haircut for you? Check back for advice, ideas, or the perfect photograph to show your stylist, and find everything required to keep your lengthy growth happy and don’t forget to consider the celebrity long hair section.