Top 50 Hair Gallery

  • Top 50 Short Styles.Short Haircuts.

    Super-fashionable right now, so of course they'd be represented in the Favorite Fifty list. The most popular designs that don't grow past your chin and head the manageability charts too. Your monthly favorites from our short categories as voted by our important visitors.

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  • Images of Medium.Medium Length

    Between lengths is dodgy territory so you need the best of the middle ground, discover the most popular medium-length designs. Mid-length doesn't mean settling. If it dangles below the chin and brushes the shoulders or thereabouts then it's marvelously medium length.

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  • Top 50 Long Hairstyles.Fave Long Tresses

    Rock longer lengths, the votes are cast and counted and the results are in. Fashion may change, but love and admiration for beautiful, long locks rarely wane. Show it with the best, most popular designs! Long is luscious, lovely, lavish and lovable.

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  • Men's Top 50 Cuts.Men's Favorite.

    Fashion is cyclic for guys too. Wear the most fashionable haircuts for men, they're available and chart listed here. Help the guys get into your Top Fifty and vote in their section giving some invaluable guidance.

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Top Fifty styles. Voted by Visitors.



Charts Your Favorite Styles.

Follow the most recent trends, track what’s gaining popularity in the valuable opinion of the illustrious visitors to this website. Find the favorite fifty most beautiful, well-loved, and most frequently-worn designs. Pixies, fringes, flares, and bobs from the short section. More conservative lobs, waves, and curls from the medium collection. Lucious long locks are represented by messy buns, updos, chignons and crown braids. There’s even something for the guys. Keep your finger on the pulse in real-time. Whether it’s right off the runway or the red carpet, you’ll always find the ideal popular haircut.

Trend Setters.

Be a trendsetter, or simply track the flow, the choice is completely yours. Pair the most popular design with the most well-loved length, the most beautiful bangs with whatever’s incendiary right now. Fifty types to choose from, you’ll discover a flattering finish and you’re pre-warned that everyone likes because so many visitors voted for it. Remember to check back frequently and explore all the categories; fashion is forever changing and your job is to keep up to date. Our job is to give you the fifty favorite options available. Look your best “Top Fifty best!” The real-time nature of our voting system indicates the latest trends and fashions, basically the definition of fashion. Navigate to the inner pages, the large picture pages include a vote button. By clicking a vote is cast for it, a record is kept of the running total for the month and the top 12 are shown on these pages for each section short. medium, long and men’s (OK it’s 48 really but 50 rolls off the tongue better don’t you think). The data refreshes every month so the results are bang up to date. Thank you for voting it’s only due to audience participation we keep a finger on the preferences of millions of visitors around the world.